Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Hope you’ve had a spooktacular (sorry!) day.

image1Thought I’d upload a photo of the pumpkins we carved.  I say we, what I actually mean is I decided the design and the other half carved (I told you he is clever!)

We had a few trick or treaters but luckily we had lots of sweets left for us to treat ourselves with.


Also had an extra treat of some Belgian cherry beer – first tried it at the Belgian Grand Prix this year.  Guy found a little Belgian shop in town which stocks it – very tasty!



Enjoyed drinking my Lindermans and watching The Rocky Horror Show Live on Sky Arts HD – Looking forward to going again in February!!

All in all, a lazy and relaxing Halloween.




Happy National Cat Day!

IMG_9133 IMG_7843 IMG_7606 IMG_6683

Happy National Cat Day!

We adopted our lovely little lady last August from a local rescue centre.  She brings us so much happiness and love everyday, it’s hard to imagine a time when she wasn’t hogging the sofa!

National Cat Day is a day for promoting and emphasising the importance of cat rescue and adoption.   There are so many unwanted cats and kittens in rescue centres across the country and people should think of these as their starting point when looking for a pet.

When we adopted Titch she was microchipped and neutered by the centre before she was allowed to come home with us.  All responsible cat owners should realise the importance of this to ease the pressure on rescue centres.

So if you are considering a pet, check your local rescue centre first, you won’t regret it! 🙂


Home sweet home

My partner and I bought our first home together in 2013 – a small, 2 bedroom, 1970s bungalow on a quiet estate. 11375937_831796566902562_2087550719_n

As soon as we walked into the house we both knew this was the one for us – it being the first and only house we viewed we felt a bit daft but it had everything we wanted.

The previous owner had been an old lady and therefore the decoration, as you can imagine, was a bit…..dated.

We decided from the start that we wanted to create an open plan space for our living room/kitchen.  The layout of the house as it was made cooking very anti social – unless you wanted to shout to each other.

To create our open plan living area we needed to knock down walls, move walls, patch up ceilings! On top of all this, the house needed re-wiring and a new boiler and heating system.  As you can imagine, we had a very messy few weeks when all the work took place at the same time.  The house became a building site and I discovered I have a dust allergy!  But it was all worth it in the end.

Below are a few before and after photos of our kitchen.  We still have plenty to do in the living area – new carpet, log burner to be fitted etc.. so still a work in progress! I will upload a photo when we finally install the log burner!

917531_716330355053494_1201841150_n  925128_386756141461883_1431353598_n 1169888_574753752617919_206689703_n

ps. My partner did all the work himself apart from the rewiring and plumbing. He is very clever! 🙂 xx.

Welcome to Laura’s Little Letters!


I’m a twenty something year old primary school teacher living on Anglesey, Wales with my wonderful partner and our lovely cat.  We first moved into our home nearly 3 years ago after saving together for years.  The cat joined our home last year and already rules the roost!

I teach year 1 in a small, local school.  I am lucky enough to be able to say that I adore my job! I have a wonderful class and wonderful colleagues.  I spend a lot of my time trawling through pintrest for new ideas for school (and imaginary weddings!).

I’m hoping to use this blog to document the progress on our house, our travels, teaching ideas and anything else that happens to cross my mind really!

So hopefully you will enjoy reading – and hopefully I will remember to write!

Live, learn, love