It’s beginning to look a lot like….

….Dare I say it?

Well, it certainly is looking at lot like Christmas in school.  We finish early December for Christmas so I like to make the most of the short few weeks before the holidays!

I’ve been busy this month planning all kinds of festive crafts for my little lovelies.  I’ve started by introducing a little bit of winter into our classroom.


My room is pretty small so I have to make use of any surfaces I have.  I’ve used our craft storage unit to create a winter themed mark making area – please excuse the missing “i” in winter, I think it must have dropped behind the unit, I’ve just noticed!

I’ve included a couple of word banks from Twinkl, Teacher’s Pet and Communication 4 All as well as some winter themed songs and word cards (links at bottom of this post).  I will be adding some winter themed paper and “sparkly” pens/crayons to encourage them to write independently.

I also try to select books from the reading corner to complement my theme. At the moment they are really enjoying Stick Man by Julia Donaldson (they love any of her books).

I’ve put up one wintery display so far, which is a festive house.  I’m going to use the “windows” to display their Christmas cards when they’re made.

Wall display

I used wallpaper with a brick pattern to back the board and regular display paper for the windows.  We were very lucky to be given some ex-display materials from a parent who works in a well known department store, which I used to create the door.  The wreath is made of the children’s handprints.  I used scraps of felt to create the christmas lights on the tree and some fake snow material from the pound shop.

Another addition I put out each year is this gorgeous knitted nativity scene.


The children love playing with it and using it to act out the nativity.  My partner’s Grandmother knitted it for me to use in my classroom. She was a very talented lady. Unfortunately she passed away last month, so this lovely little nativity set is extra special to us :).

So between sneaking bits of Christmas into my classroom (and home!), we have been very busy rehearsing for our Christmas play  (A Little Bird Told Me by Out of the Ark) which will be performed next week!  As I mentioned, we finish earlier than most schools for the holidays so our play is always put on during the last week of November.

On a non school related note, our slate hearth slab is ready for pick up meaning we can finally start installing the log burner this weekend, so I will take some photos and blog about that hopefully next week if it’s finished! 🙂

I’ve included below some of the links for resources I have mentioned in this post.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.




Winter Word Mat – Communication4all

Winter Word Mat from Teacher’s Pet

Winter Topic Cards from Twinkl

Little Snowflakes Song from Early LeaRning HQ


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