First Stop in Italy – Milan

Next stop on our Grand Tour was the fashion capital of Milan.

The drive from Nice to Milan was beautiful – the road hugging the coast to begin with, passing beautiful, typically Italian villages clinging to the cliff sides.

We arrived at Camping Milano, pitched our home for the next few nights and tried to work out how to best get into town the next day – bus.

The next few nights on site involved drying our clothing inside the tent and playing cards under the awning thanks to a storm that decided to follow us from the Côte D’Azur.


How to dry your clothes in a storm

Milan, 1
Friendly resident Cat
The journey into Milan was interesting, travelling by bus allowed us to see areas of the city we probably wouldn’t have ventured through otherwise. I was quite surprised to see a lot of the outer areas of Milan to be built up mostly of 1970s tower blocks.  Much graffiti covered the walls and the streets seemed to be busy with people.

We then got off the bus and onto the underground system which took us to our stop – Duomo. On leaving the station, up the steps, quite an impressive sight greeted us – the imposing Duomo di Milano towering over the square, every bit as impressive as I’d imagined.

We stood for a while taking in the unusual design, surrounded by pigeons and young men trying to sell bird feed to tourists.


The interior of the cathedral is beautifully intricate. The walls are covered with carvings and the stained glass windows are worth a visit in themselves. It is very dark inside which creates a wonderful atmosphere and the feeling that you are somewhere quite special.

Milan, 1-3

Internal details at the Duomo

Next stop was the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.   Full of shops to make you realise your travellers budget probably wouldn’t stretch far; we settled instead for some lunch at a lovely little restaurant. We had our first Italian pizzas and as you can imagine, it was good! We sat eating our pizzas admiring the beautiful domed roof of the shopping centre and pondered where to visit next.

Milan Gal

The next day we travelled from our site near Milan to a site with a wonderful view in Verona. Verona, by far was my favourite destination on our trip, so much so that I think it deserves its own dedicated post, so until next time….
Live, Love, Learn



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