In Fair Verona

Verona.  My favourite Italian city.

We arrived at the the green oasis of Camping San Pietro, hidden on the hillside over looking the city.  San Pietro is a lovely site, very friendly and has a definite travelling vibe. There is a great terrace with plenty of seating, a small bar and a great communal kitchen area.  If that’s not really your scene, stay for the view.  It is spectacular.

Being on the hillside above Verona, it was quite tricky to pitch our tent – as I’ve mentioned before we are more glampers than campers and our large 4 person tent just above squeezed onto the plot.



After putting the tent up as quickly as possible (it was getting quicker each time), we headed down the hillside and over the bridge into Verona.  Verona has a very different feel to the other cities we’ve visited.  It feels older, medieval even.  Every where you turn is worthy of a photo.

Views everywhere you turn
The walk to the Piazza Bra


Out first stop was the Piazza Bra, a bustling area of Verona lined with numerous bars, restaurants and hotels.  There was a wonderful buzz at the Piazza, the streets were busy with tourists and locals alike, many of whom we noticed were drinking Italian Spritz (recipe here if you fancy trying it!).

Delicious pizza slices just off the Piazza Bra

The Piazza is crowned by the magnificent amphitheatre, thought to date back to 30AD. The amphitheatre is still used as a popular concert venue, while we were in Verona the famous opera festival was on.  Our “neighbour” on the campsite was a lovely Austrian man named Max who was a huge opera fan and had been visiting Verona and the festival every year for the last 20 years.  Being 21 at the time we travelled, we didn’t appreciate the option of the festival as much as we possibly would now!

The magnificent amphitheatre

It was fascinating walking around the amphitheatre, although its a modern concert venue it still retains all of its ancient feel and you almost forget you’re in modern day Italy.

September seemed to be a fantastic month to visit Verona, not only was the opera in full swing but there were also medieval events taking place throughout the city.  We came across crowds of people in squares watching what I can only describe as medieval cheerleader.  It was very impressive!

Local Celebrations

Perhaps the most obvious sight to visit in Verona would be the Casa di Giulietta –  the home of the Cappelletti, dating back to the 13th and renovated in the last century.  The most famous reasons for visiting the Cappelletti’s family home would be the balcony which inspired the most famous scene in Shakespeare’s  Romeo and Juliet.

O Romeo, Romeo!

To access the courtyard and view the balcony you walk through a small covered archway.  The walls of the walk way are completely covered in love letters (and also chewing gum!).  Although the tale of the star crossed lovers is fiction, you really get a feel that this is a special place.  I don’t know if it is the letters plastering the walls or the couples all gazing lovingly at each other on the balcony, but this really is a beautiful place to be.  There is also the added bonus of the statue of Juliet – who’s bust when rubbed apparently brings you luck.

Lucky Rub


“Romeo’s Home” by contrast

Like I mentioned, the town was full of events when we visited and the next thing we stumbled across was an Italian singer called Gianluca Gringnani, who was recording a video for his next song.  Over the next few hours, wondering the city, we heard his song again and again and made it a mission to find it when we returned home – the song, as unlike us as it is, will always now remind me of Verona and always brings a smile to our faces.  Check out the video by click here.

Gianluca Gringnani

I could write so much more about Verona but I think it’s a city you needs to visit and feel.  Here are a few other photos I took during our stay.  I really hope one day we will revisit this stunning city.

The beautiful architecture of the city
Views of Verona
The most stunning sunsets


Live, Learn, Love






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